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21 March 2023

The Legend of Kyrandia

The Legend of Kyrandia gameplay screenshot.
The game tells the story of the kingdom of Kyrandia.

Platform/OS: MS-DOS, Amiga, Mac
Game developer: Westwood Studios
Game genre: Adventure
Release: 1992

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The Legend of Kyrandia

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The Legend of Kyrandia screenshots
Back in the early days of PC games most of them were adventure games because they didn't require fast graphic cards or powerful CPU's. The early ones were totally text based but later graphics were added to give you a look at your surroundings and eventually everything became graphical with easy to use interfaces instead of typing in commands. The golden days of adventuring were in the late 80's and early 90's when tons of adventure games were released by many different companies and legend of Kyrandia is one of them.

The game tells the story of the kingdom of Kyrandia and now the evil jester Malcolm has escaped his prison and now controls the most powerful magics in all of the land. The intro shows Malcolm showing up where he confronts one of his captures and turns him to stone. Shortly after you, Brandon, visit him and find out what happened after talking to the magical tree in the house and you set out to stop Malcolm and save your grandfather.

The game uses an interface not unlike many other adventure games but instead of having a number of different commands you can only click on an item and you will automatically perform a predetermined action. This may sound like it's rather simplistic but it really takes the burden out of simply trying every action one after another. On the screen is also your inventory screen neatly divided in blocks as well as some options but these are only used for settings like sound and saving/loading games, all of these should be pretty familiar to adventure gamers. The graphics and music are excellent and the 256-color VGA screen are very detailed and colorful. You should check out the intro with the closeup of the old man it looks amazing!

Legend of Kyrandia is an excellent adventure game and it spawned two sequels both of which are also great. This type of game remains high on my favorite lists because after it came the CD-ROM interactive type movie adventures of which there were very few good ones and nowadays you'll have to find hard to even find any adventures. Luckily these oldies remain an excellent source of fun for enthusiast and this game is definitely worth checking out so get it now.
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The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshots

The dungeon in The Legend of Kyrandia. The Legend of Kyrandia
A dark, dungeon passage, the Kyrandia game. The Legend of Kyrandia
Adventure game, Caves. The Legend of Kyrandia
Dark caves. The Legend of Kyrandia
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