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21 March 2023

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova gameplay screenshot.
Final fantasy - Endless Nova is a RPG game for Final Fantasy fans. It has a vast story line that has you going all over space and 20 hours of gameplay.

Platform/OS: Windows
Game developer: Delita Hyral X
Game genre: RPG, Top-down
Release: 2002

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova Rating

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Final Fantasy: Endless Nova

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If you are a die hard Final Fantasy fan you will love this game. If you own Final Fantasy games for more than one gaming console then this computer version is definitely for you. It has the right feel and is much better than the Final Fantasy games for Game Boy.
It is in the Final Fantasy 5 range. Meaning it has half decent, albeit not great graphics and a turn based battle system you will be sure to recognize from a lot of RPG's you have played. The game made sure to include some familiar creatures from the other versions. You know this game was made with care for its fans.
It has a vast story line that has you going all over space. In that way it is the first of its kind. It has enough attention to detail of the real Final Fantasy's to provide you with that familiar feeling. It is long. For what it is. It is a respectable 20 hours or so of gameplay.
The story starts with some pods in space. A member of royalty and her guards. But right away there is a problem and her pod crashed down to a planet. Then you soon meet the hero. His memory seems to fail him. How are they linked? They join up with other interesting characters to try to figure out what is going on with the universe. Lots of seriousness and silliness along the way.
It is a really cute game, one of the best abandonware games.  But given the fact it was made by fans, it's better than some of the original Final Fantasy's and it is a stunning 20 hours long.
Lot's of things to do. It has an interesting travel system. Sick of being lost on a continent in the original Final Fantasy's? Well now you get lost.. in space. In fact that is the only problem. When you stop paying attention for a minute, you don't know where in the universe you are supposed to go. Make sure you read carefully so you know where you are supposed to go.
If you do not no how to play this game, find the Final Fantasy: Endless Nova guides here.

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova Screenshots

Role-playing game 2002. Final Fantasy: Endless Nova
Top-down RPG and dungeon crawler. Final Fantasy: Endless Nova
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