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21 March 2023


Diablo gameplay screenshot.
Diablo is an action RPG.

Platform/OS: Windows, PlayStation, Mac OS
Game developer: Blizzard
Game genre: RPG, Isometric
Release: 1997

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Diablo screenshots
Diablo is an action RPG, set in the medieval fiction. The main objective of Diablo was to get ride of the Diablo in the small town of Tristram. The character gains experience points after killing enemies, increasing the levels giving new and increased spells and attributes, like magic, strength, dexterity and vitality.
If you do not no how to play this game, find the Diablo guides here.

Diablo Screenshots

Diablo 1. Diablo
Diablo RPG. Diablo
Diablo character. Diablo
Diablo, dungeon crawler. Diablo
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