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21 March 2023

Castle Master

Castle Master gameplay screenshot.
You can play as either a princess or a prince and you have to rescue your twin after he has been abducted by a dragon...

Platform/OS: MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari, Amiga
Game developer: Teque Software Development
Game genre: First-person, 3D, Adventure
Release: 1990

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Castle Master

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Adventure games were pretty much a 2D affair as far as graphics are concerned but castle master changes this by putting the player in a 3D world where you can walk around and solve puzzles. You can play as either a princess or a prince and you have to rescue your twin after he/she has been abducted by a dragon and dropped inside a castle. Outside that castle is where you start your quest and your first job is to get in. Once you get in the adventure really starts because you are free to go where you want or rather where you can go because many places will be closed off unless you find the proper key to enter it.

The graphics are entirely 3D but remember this game was released in 1990 so it only has flat untextured polygons which look dated today but for the time it was pretty good. You can walk and look around your surroundings in every direction and it's important that you do because items can be hidden in places you can't even see when you enter the room so be sure to check behind and underneath everything. There is a time limit to the game as well so you can't just hang around while you try and find all the items, if time runs out you will find only the dead remains of your twin just before you suffer the same fate.

There is one soundtrack and on some of the versions it plays throughout the entire game which can become rather annoying after a while so you might want to turn off the sound since there are no effects to speak off. A 3D adventure game was pretty rare in those days and the developers made good use of it by placing objects in places you really had to search for. Most puzzles involve finding a key or an exit in the room but I had a pretty good time with the game and if you like adventures I'm sure you would want to check it out.
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